Welcome to Dumb Warnings, where you may see the consequences of numerous pointless lawsuits. This site is dedicated to helping companies fight this menace which is plaguing society today. In addition to funny warnings labels, this site will also feature instructions, rules, and other information frequently placed on packages.

Warning: More Warnings Ahead

Random Warnings

Do not use if you are pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or might be pregnant.

Unknown Birth Control Pills

Warning Graphic

Warning: Children can drown in bucket, do not place kids in juice

Giant Bucket of Pickles used in Fast Food Restaurants

Warning Graphic

Avoid contact with the eyes. For adult use only.

Florabella Shower Cream with Moisturizer

Warning Graphic

In Jamaica, they call Speed Bumps “Sleeping Policemen”, so in some parts of the island, there are signs that read, “Warning! Sleeping Policemen Ahead”.

Various Parts of Jamaica

Warning Graphic

In a roadside sign reads, “No Signs”

Somewhere in Ohio…

Warning Graphic

Caution: Risk of fire

Pine Mountain Fire Logs

Warning Graphic

A sign on a telephone pole reads, “No Posting Signs”.

Unknown Road, Douglasville, GA

Warning Graphic

Various state-issued construction signs in a childish handwriting say “Slow down my daddy (and mommy) works here” and “FREE Speeding Tickets Ahead!”

Road Construction Points, New Jersey

Warning Graphic

Warning: Do not use while taking a shower.

Unknown Hairdryer

Warning Graphic

Use of this product may be hazardous to your health. This product contains Saccharin, which has been determined to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Carefree Gum

Warning Graphic

(Warning display on the side) This may contain nuts

Betty Crocker Tender Bar (Nuts and chocolate)

Warning Graphic

A letter distributed to staff and students included the following message:

For safety reasons all staff and students are reminded that the taking of hot drinks out of the Refectory / fast food areas is strictly forbidden.

Several slipping accidents have already occurred as a result of liquid being spilt on the floor and the probability of someone suffering from a serious scalding accident whilst walking along busy corridors and getting into crowded lifts is high.

Your full cooperation in ensuring that you do not put yourself and others at risk is required.

Swansea Institute of Higher Education, Wales, UK

Warning Graphic

Peel fruit from cellophane backing before eating.

Fruit By the Foot

Warning Graphic

Note: Game pieces do not actually talk.

“Guess Who” Game

Warning Graphic


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