Welcome to Dumb Warnings, where you may see the consequences of numerous pointless lawsuits. This site is dedicated to helping companies fight this menace which is plaguing society today. In addition to funny warnings labels, this site will also feature instructions, rules, and other information frequently placed on packages.

Warning: More Warnings Ahead

Random Warnings

Wait for Green

Unknown Traffic Light, Brick, NJ

Warning Graphic

Warning: Do Not Hit This Sign

Rim Drive, Durango, CO

Warning Graphic

This is not a dating agency.

Travelling Man Site, Gamer2Gamer Section

Warning Graphic

CAUTION: This product will cause drowsiness. Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery after use.

Tylenol P.M.

Warning Graphic

Warning! Disconnect telephone lines before opening!

Sony Vaio PCV-J200 Computer

Warning Graphic

Do not return used condoms to the manufacturer through the mail.

Ansell Condoms

Warning Graphic

No shooting or uncased firearms. (Sign shot multiple times).

Balanced Rock State Park, Idaho

Warning Graphic

The following is found on page 4 of the instruction book:

To place or answer a call, lift the handset.
To place a call, dial the desired number.
To end the call, hang up the handset.

Another gem, also on Page 4:
To put a call on Hold: Press “Hold”.

Lucent Technologies Model 6210 Telephone

Warning Graphic

On cap: Twist to Open

Hellman’s Fat Free Honey Dijon Dressing

Warning Graphic

Warning: Do not operate at high or excessive speeds.

Yamaha Banshee 4-wheeler (One of fastest sport ATVs on market)

Warning Graphic

Safe to use around pets and children, although it is not recommended that either be permitted to drink from toilet. [Picture]

Bowl Fresh

Warning Graphic

caution: this tool will cut


Warning Graphic

CAUTION: Avoid contact with face, eyes, and broken skin.

Bath & Body Works Peppermint Foot Spray

Warning Graphic

This label defies explanation. Take a look at the picture.

Flying Goku

Warning Graphic

Warning: May cause drowsiness

Nytol Sleep Aid

Warning Graphic


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