Dumb Warnings: Electronics



Best when used with MiniDisc recorders and players.

Unknown Minidisc Player

Warning Graphic

CAUTION: Risk of electric shock. Do not open.

Sony Trinitron

Warning Graphic

(written on the screen) No screen detected

Various Desktop Computers

Warning Graphic

Keyboard not detected. Press F1 to continue

Various Computers

Warning Graphic

This camera will only work when film is inside.

Unknown European Camera

Warning Graphic

The following is found on page 4 of the instruction book:

To place or answer a call, lift the handset.
To place a call, dial the desired number.
To end the call, hang up the handset.

Another gem, also on Page 4:
To put a call on Hold: Press “Hold”.

Lucent Technologies Model 6210 Telephone

Warning Graphic

On startup: No keyboard detected. Press any key to continue.

Various Personal Computers

Warning Graphic

Press STORE to store

Yamaha Pro-Mix 01 Mixing Desk LCD Display

Warning Graphic

Do not attempt to stick head inside deck, which may result in injury.

Japanese GameCube Instruction Manual

Warning Graphic

Warning! Disconnect telephone lines before opening!

Sony Vaio PCV-J200 Computer

Warning Graphic


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